All Electronic Tolling Systems (AETS)

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Highway Division is undertaking a Design/Build project to convert and replace the Western Turnpike and the Metropolitan Highway System interchange-based manual cash and electronic toll collection systems with a new system of only mainline-based toll zones relying only on All Electronic Tolling.

The Project is comprised of the 124-mile Western Turnpike between the New York state line and Exit 14 in Weston; and the MHS which includes the urbanized part of I-90 east of Exit 14 as well as the Sumner/Callahan Tunnels, the Ted Williams Tunnel, and the Tobin Bridge.

The Project will include both roadway tolling infrastructure and toll collection system technology. Roadway tolling infrastructure will involve the final design and construction of the structures required to accommodate toll collection system technology at 16 proposed locations. Additionally, the work will include furnishing, installing, testing, and maintaining a complete, functioning, state-of-the-art AETS which will be based on transponder and license plate image processing for identification of vehicles at every new toll zone in the road system.

Liddell Brothers, as a subcontractor to the prime contractor Raytheon, is providing toll equipment gantries and installation of AETS equipment, the installation of roadway loop detectors, signing, and traffic control, during construction.   In addition, Liddell will be providing maintenance services initially for a 10 year period from project completion.