Smart Work Zones

Liddell is currently involved in two real-time travel management Smart Work Zone systems which are being deployed on I-195 in Swansea, MA, and on Route 24 in Taunton, MA. Both systems incorporate advance travel time, as well as queue detection and warning. Email alerts have been configured to alert the DOT when speeds through the Work Zone fall below 15 mph. Both systems incorporate remote CCTV camera streaming for viewing real-time traffic conditions in the Work Zone. The Taunton system includes 9 PCMS, 15 portable sensor trailers, and 2 portable closed-circuit television (PCCTV) camera trailers. The Swansea system includes 11 PCMS, 8 sensors, and 2 PCCTV camera trailers. Real-time traffic information is displayed both on the PCMS and on a public website.